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Me and my brother..

      My name is Anne; I've lived in the UK all my life. I have a twin brother who is slightly older than me by a few minutes; we were born on the 7th of November 1967.. I'm the shy one of the two but I think I like it that way because I don't think I have the personality and courage of my brother and being quiet and withdrawn thats the best way to describe my shyness.

      I enjoy making friends on the internet because I find it hard talking to people face to face, I don't know what anyone else thinks, but being on the internet I get to talk to lots of great people and thats something I wouldn't normally be able to I love the idea that I can get to chat to people from all different countries and find out about the different Cultures, Interests and Lifestyles.......

       I've had a computer for approx. 3yrs and when I started people would have classed me as a computer DUMMY...LOL apart from having a 1 week course at the age of 16, i'd never used one before and now i've managed to build a Homepage and achieve lots of great things including having lots of interesting friends that I always enjoy catching up with ....the best thing about good friends is if I have any problems with my computer they're always willing to help where they can :0)

   I'm 39 , 5f  8" tall with long curly golden hair , green eye's , pale complexion, slim build ... I work as a child carer and enjoy it very much !!

Me in my youth !! 
        When I was younger I did training for First Aid, Fire Fighting, Phonetic Alphabet, Morse Code etc, during this time I met people like Charlie Williams (Comedian), Prince Philip (The Duke of Edinburgh) and a vast amount of other stars.

        At 12 yrs old I won a First Aid competition with Saint Johns Ambulance which was in the local paper and when I was 17 yrs of age I started collecting autograghs..1 of which was Joey from a British comedy called Bread.

Things i enjoyed at High School..     
    When I started High School I enjoy Home Economics and I finished off my 2 last years doing my GCSE, as you can guess I can just about cook most things because i've always love cooking and I do it as a hobbie too...
     I also did dancing and every year I entered the Summer and Christmas production in dancing, one of which was Westside Story. In my final 2 years at school I decided to enter GCSE in dance, which meant learning different routines both group and solo. For my final grade I had to choose my own music and dance routine, the music I chose was Woman by John Lennon !!!


Scorpio is my sign of the Zodiac..
(Meaning behind the sign)
Sign: Scorpion
Element: Water
Planet: Pluto
Gemstone: Opal
Flower: Carnation

     Fiery passion is the stock and trade of Scorpio. Anything in life is possible once your intense powers are given aim. The energies of your guiding Planet Pluto are characterized by the sweet, spicy musk fragrance formulated to enhance the Love, Power and Money aspects of your life


        I have quite alot of hobbies because i'm the type of woman who likes to try everything at least once..LOL These are some of my hobbies Needle work, Knitting Clowns and Crafts... I also like to walk and take in the countryside. After a bad day I tend to relieve a little tension by having a game on my playstation, I enjoy playing TEKKEN, DRIVER , CRASH BANDICOOT ETC
Favorite Movies:
      Lord of The Rings, Leathal Weapon / Die Hard / Beverly Hills Cops, The Guru, You've Got Mail, The Bone Collector, Armageddon, Bridget Jones's Diary, Signs and at the moment Pirates of the Caribbean .. THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL
but I do also enjoy .. COMEDY, ACTION and HORROR
Favorite Music:
I like anything from the 60's upto the present day , but my all time FAV'S are.... Savage Garden, since they split the lead singer Darren Hayes, 
 but I enjoy listening to... SOFT ROCK, POP, LOVE SONGS, MOTOWN ETC..
Favorite TV:
       I'm the kinda lady that loves to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dark Angel and Charmed... They are all in away related to supernatural but believe me they are all fun to watch anything like that is ok by me...LOL but truthfully i also enjoy COMEDY and MYSTERY.

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