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Hi there,


       To all visitors to this site that may know of anyone, be it a friend, a great site you've come across on the net or you might even think your own site deserve a chance, APPLY NOW!! You never know whats going to happen. All I ask is for you to sign my guest book and send me an Email by clicking on the link below and send me the following.


Your name ..


Email address ..


Site name ..


Site URL ..


Description of your Site..


       If your site is selected for one of my Awards, i will notify you as soon as possible by email. Then I will send you your Award and all you'll have to do is download the Award to your computer and add it to your site with my URL so if someone clicks on the Award it will take him or her to my page.. Which then means your also giving someone else a chance to apply!!!! Thanks..


My URL is....


Sample Award..





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