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    If your looking for a good site for free downloads, don't look any further than the link below. Its 'GREAT' ( encoderX ) is trying to help us all with this cool site that just about as everything apart from the kitchen sink..LOL
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     To sample some great music please click on the Banner below.. You'll find a 'Cool' site with information about (Bernie) who is the songwriter and site builder.

       All age groups will like Bernie's music because he's got a vast collection of styles and here are just some of them.. 'Love Ballads, Rock, Rap Plus Humour songs' you'll see quite a number of sample tracks ... Please check it out you won't be disappointed !!! 


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This site you will find some great music and lots of wonderful pictures and cool information..Please feel free and check it out !!
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Click on the banner below and check out Bents cool site, he as lots of cool pictures and information, if youre looking for an award for your site you might just get lucky and bent also does banner exchange. I know you'll enjoy what you see because I spent ages looking around his site and I've noticed its just been updated.

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If you're looking for a cool site on the net where you can post any poetry or short stories please check out the site below. Mark is giving others the chance to enter their poems and stories for other people on the net to see. So if you love reading or writing Short Stories/Poems you'll enjoy this site!!

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