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Some different religions on Angels.

    Angelic is one of many words that humans have used to describe the more advanced spiritual beings that act to aid and guide us in life. Over the course of human history, different religions and cultures have had many ideas about angels, but few have doubted their existence. From the earliest times, we have known that we were not alone in the face of life's misadventures, but could call upon our spiritual guardians and friends for assistance.

      Almost all tribal cultures believe that humankind constantly receives the aid of spiritual beings. Mostly shamanic, these people usually represent their angels in animal form, using symbols they are familiar with. They look to the angels for guidance, protection, and advice, and involve them in all aspects of life.

      The writings of ancient Egypt are full of descriptions of spiritual beings that aid the soul in life and after death - beings that would give refreshment and rejuvenation to the soul, others who would impart knowledge or guard against harm. The Peret Em Heru, more commonly, if incorrectly, known as the Book of the Dead, speaks at great length of the support afforded to humankind by the Divine, and by spiritual beings we would, today, term angels.

     Other Middle Eastern cultures had similar beliefs about spiritual beings that assist humankind. Judaic religion places tremendous importance upon the role of angelic guides and beings. Jewish mysticism is full of descriptions of angels, and teaches that everything that exists has a guardian angel.

       The Greek philosophers, too, spoke of higher spiritual beings that acted as guides and guardians. Ancient Greeks, after their example, Romans, believed that angels were present in all aspects of life, and saw them as invaluable guides and teachers. They believed that angels would give them messages to help them make good decisions, or to warn them away from mistakes.

      The Greeks believed that their angels would always send them the answers and advice they needed, if they were open enough to receive them. They looked for these angelic messages in dreams, intuitions, and signs. The word "angel" itself is from the Greek Angels, and means "messenger." Derived from an Indo-European root, Angels is related to the Sanskrit word for angel, Angiras, and the Persian word for angel, Angaros.

      The Romans taught that each person had a special guardian angel, or Genius, who was with them throughout their life. Each year on their birthday, devout Romans would honour their Genius with special rituals, and they would regularly seek its advice and aid. The Romans also believed that each family had special angels who would watch over the entire household, which they honoured on a daily basis.

       In the medieval period and the Renaissance, Christian scholars synthesized the older ideas about angels, with biblical ideas about Cherubim and Seraphim. Like earlier cultures, they believed that angels were all around them, ready to aid and guide them. The artwork of the Renaissance is filled with many magnificent pictures of angels. It is from the artwork of this period that most modern images of angels derive. Great artists such as Sandro Boticelli and Leonardo da Vinci portrayed the angels as beautiful men and women in flowing robes, with outspread wings.

      Not only in Europe, but also throughout India and Asia, the idea of angels as guides and friends of humankind, aiding us to be nearer to the Divine, is enshrined in history and art. Hindus have many names for angels, including Devas and Asparas, as well as Angiras, and perceive their influence as integral to the process of living. Beatific* images of angelic beings bear testament to the reverence with which they are regarded, though in Asia they are less commonly portrayed with wings.



           Angels have always been with us, in every time and culture. Through pictograms, paintings, poetry, and childrens stories our ancestors down through the ages have passed on whatever they knew about these beings. Angels transcend all religions and are apparent in most.

       Angels messages come to us in the form of feelings of unconditional love, bring deeply cared for, greater self-acceptance, and inner peace. These are all signs of angelic connection.

       It is of historic belief that angels like people, belong to families or clans. Many names have been given to them, but in the opinion of a number of angelologists, the most familiar can be arranged in three categories, or spheres, starting with those closest to God, and moving down to those who are assigned to the physical world. This is by no means the only classification system in the history of angels, but this will give you an idea as to what is believed to be their hierarchy.

        Nature spirits are very much around us. Appearing to us in the form of faeries, elves, gnomes, and the like, they tend the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms. Their messages relate to the growth and well being of Mother Earth and her creatures.

     Animal spirits are often those animals we are most attracted to. Some animal spirits are with us throughout our lives. Some come to us to assist us through a spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical process. Animals come to us with distinct messages providing us with guidance and direction.

Deceased loved ones also make their presence known. Whether you get a "feeling" your loved one is close by, or whether they come to you in your dreams, they usually have a personal message for us. Some ask for forgiveness, some affirm that we are doing the right thing; some assure us that they are all right.

       Some of the signs of angel and spirit communication include chills, goose bumps, tingling sensation, heightened clarity of vision, emotional response, sweet or fragrant smell that cannot otherwise be explained i.e. flowers, but there are no flowers around. Some experience a slight drop in temperature when their loved ones are around. These are all signs of a spiritual encounter.





  Michael - Binds evil and evil entities. Protects against attack or harm.
  Jophiel - Helps people be faithful to a belief or cause, to overcome ignorance, pride
   and narrow-mindedness. Call on for education and learning.
  Chamuel - Expands the flame of love. Works with love, compassion and forgiveness.
   Call on him for help in letting go and transmuting old beliefs.
  Gabriel- For clarity, purity, order and discipline. He brings joy and grace.
  Raphael- Helps travellers and healers. Brings abundance, health and healing.
   Stands for vision and truth.
  Uriel - Serves peace and brings serenity, brother/sisterhood. Helps people to
   freedom by releasing fears and letting go have desires.
  Zadiel- Transmutes the lower energies and helps with forgiveness, diplomacy and


        In nearly all religion, ancient or modern, we see beings such as angels. These winged spirits are     part of the mystery of most cultures. The Greeks called them horae. In Persia they were fereshta. The Chinese designed slanted roofs on buildings to prevent demons from gaining a foothold on the structure and entering. Babylonian culture pictured winged spirits. Socrates referred to a good demon (daemon) that took care of him.
There are nearly 300 references to angels in the Bible. Angels are mentioned in both the Old and New Testament.

Throughout the Old Testament, angels are presented as personal beings that are messengers and ministers of God. To leave angels out of the narrative of the Old Testament would leave huge holes in many of the events.

Angels are an inextricable part of the New Testament. They announced the birth of Christ.
(Luke 2:8-14) They told the shepherds where to find the infant Jesus. (Luke 2:8-12)
An angel went to the tomb of Christ to announce his resurrection. (Matt. 28:2-6)
They freed Peter and John from jail.(Acts 5:19).

Spiritual Law says that whatever we focus on increases. So when we focus on a quality such as love or peace, an angel helps bring more of this higher quality into our lives.

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